Feng Shui of Playing Casino Games

Feng Shui (Fung Soy) is a Chinese terminology that implies pseudo science regarding destiny and future of a particular circumstance. “Feng” means wind and “Shui” means water or in deeper analogy would translate to “Heaven and Earth”. Nowadays, Feng Shui is not only for building houses, not only for opening up a business and not only getting a lucky date to get married, it is also known in the gambling world as a lot of online casino Malaysia enthusiasts now follows the laws and considerations of Feng Shui.


Crossing a black cat in your way to play casino games

Crossing a path with a black when you want to play casino games is actually a warning that you should stop or postpone your schedule of having a fun with any games on the casino. A black cat according to superstitious beliefs represents a bad luck which means no matter how encouraged you are before you set up your time to gamble would be pointless because you are about to lose in a game.


Color Coding Days

An ancient tradition involves wearing clothes in different colors per day or depends on what the person would do for a particular time. For instance, if you are going for your dream partner’s place to ask for her hand, you should wear orange but if you were to play casino online Malaysia, you should wear red.


Minding Your Horoscope

It is said to be good to follow what your star would tell you, for instance, your horoscope says that your lucky day for the week is Wednesday and you’re lucky number would be 7 and 8, you should consider this factors before deciding to make a gambling in an online casino Malaysia.


Lucky Charms

There are things or objects that supposedly attract luck so they are usually brought by the players. Lucky charms such as horseshoes, feet of a rabbit, amulets, dragon hearts and many to mention are those valuable collection of a gambling enthusiasts.


Play Along with Pregnant Friend

The Chinese believe that pregnant women bring good luck to gamblers as they carry good fortune in their bellies. Besides, because they offer an extra pair of eyes to observe the whole scene, large wins are guaranteed. Even if a pregnant stranger comes over and stands behind you, make sure that she stays there so that you can succeed.


Wear a Ringthe Feng Shui Way

If you plan on wearing a ring to the game, make sure you wear it on the correct finger. When headed to a casino, make it a rule to never wear a ring on your thumb. Doing so symbolizes losing wealth and letting go of success.



Let us just reiterate that all the mentioned gambling Feng Shui is just myths and superstitious beliefs and up to this time have no scientific rationale to be supported. The fact and what we strongly believed is that the only factor that has a concrete effect on the game is just and would always be luck. Now, you can try to win more money in online casino Malaysia by following all these Feng Shui tips. You can choose to play Malaysia Live Casino or Malaysia Slot Online first becasue it’s easier to get started.

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