Introduction of Sky Avenue Genting Malaysia

SkyAvenue Genting

Sky Avenue Genting is one of the most popular evening activity venues in Genting Highlands, where you can test your luck to win huge prizes. The casino was established in 1971 by Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong, the founder of Resorts World Genting. It is the first land-based casino in Malaysia and continues to attract people from all over the world Thousands of tourists. You will never regret travellin to Genting Highland.


What to do at Genting Casino

Sky Avenue Genting also has 400 types of electronic table games, 3,000 slot machines and 30 table games. The games range from blackjack, tournaments, Russian roulette, Slot Machine, and French bets. The casino is divided into several themed sections, including international and VIP rooms exclusively for elite gamblers, and 24-hour catering services. Do note that the casino denies entry for visitors who are Muslim or below 21 years old.


Best Things to Eat

Located on the roof of Sky Avenue, Highline is the latest food market concept, including different restaurants, bars, etc. Dine in the outdoor restaurant in the outdoor atrium, overlooking the sky of Genting, with breeze blowing. Tip: Get here at sunset for the best view. Guests can mix and match dining options purchased from different counters. Casual and fun, if you are looking for food at Sky Avenue Genting, Highline can meet your needs.

Indoor Theme Park-Skytropolis

The new Skytropolis indoor theme park opened at the end of last year. This new Tron-like theme park covers an area of 400,000 square feet and has more than 20 great rides, from spinning rides that stimulate adrenaline junkies to rides for families with young children. They are all indoors! We believe that Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park provides an opportunity to make money for outdoor theme parks with its exciting rides, and highlights the 10 most interesting rides. There are top 10 popular games in Skytropolis which is Spin Crazy, Power Surge, Disco, Music Express, Sky Towers, Balloon Race, Space Cadets, Royal Carousel, Bumper Boss, and Copper Express.


First World Hotel

The First World Hotel offers 6118 rooms, which is the largest hotel in the world by the number of rooms. The First World Hotel is adjacent to the First World Plaza with a 500,000 square foot indoor theme park, shopping mall and food court. Still one of the most popular resort hotels in Genting Highlands.


Impact of Covid-19

Due to the government’s MCO (Movement Control Order), Genting Malaysia has announced the closure of its flagship integrated resort, Resorts World Genting, Sky Avenue Casino, plus its three non-gaming resorts. So what about people who want to play gambling games? No worries, there are more than thousands of trusted live casino Malaysia online platforms you can choose to play. They offer higher odds and returns than a land-based casinos. There are various type of casino games or betting games, which include: Sportsbook Malaysia, Slot malaysia, 4D Lottery Malaysia, Poker Malaysia, Live Dealer Games, and so on. The favourite land-based casino table games are available in all Malaysia live casino Platforms. They are blakjack malaysia, roulette malaysia, baccarat malaysia, Sic Bo Malaysia, and others.  However, playing online casinos are definitely better than going to a land-based casino during the epidemic because you can avoid contact with anyone.

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