Malaysia New Online Casino Slot: Thunder Birds

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Are you ready for an exciting journey through Malaysia new online casino slot games? You need go no farther than Malaysia new online slot games, which are swiftly taking the virtual gambling world by storm. These imaginative and alluring games are taking the gaming world by storm because they provide a unique combination of excitement, fun, and the chance to win enormous sums of money. Thanks to advancements in technology, Malaysian players can now experience the thrill of a casino without venturing from the comforts of their homes. The newest slot games available at Malaysia new casino online aren’t your standard slots; instead, they have engrossing themes, eye-catching visuals, and exhilarating features that will keep you glued to the screen.

Whatever their degree of experience, gamers of all kinds can enjoy the new slot games at this brand-new Malaysia casino online. Get ready to spin the reels, find incredible bonuses, and go for those jackpots that have the power to alter your life. As we go deeper into this interesting phenomenon of gambling, join us as we examine the top games, winning strategies, and other crucial information to help you get the most out of your new online casino experience in Malaysia. As a result, I will also be evaluating Thunder Birds for you today—the best and most new online casino slot machine in JQK22 Malaysia.

Thunder Birds Review

Playtech’s Power Zones series is getting a brand new online slot, and it’s one of the more fun-looking options they’ve added to it so far. It’s called Thunder Birds, and it’s relying on a design that uses birds sitting on wires, instead of the regular reels. Add the Cluster Pays system to the 64 cute birds populating the game area, and you get a lot out of it.

Thunder Birds: Power Zones delivers 8×8 reels, and it uses a Cluster Pays system (5+ symbols). Excellent rewards are on the line, even as much as 9,000x the stake being paid at the end of its best rounds. I think you’re going to love the 96.42% RTP as well, even if the high volatility isn’t your cup of tea. As for what its major features are like, those include the Power Zone mechanic, tumbling reels, scatters, and free spins with up to 100x multipliers.

Betting and Prizes

A minimum bet of just RM0.10 will be enough, and the reels will start spinning thanks to it. Of course, you could spend considerably more, and a RM100 max bet is a possibility.

Thunder Birds: Power Zones pays reasonably well, and it can deliver jackpots of up to 9,000x the stake. I’m calling it reasonable because that big reward is balanced with the help of the slot’s high volatility, so it’s as risky as you’d expect. On the other hand, you know what you’re getting into, and long-term the game is fair enough, given the 96.42% RTP.

Thunder Birds: Power Zones Game Features

You’re forming clusters of winning symbols, using a setup with 8×8 reels. 5 or more matching symbols are needed, to get you a prize, while 25+ symbols will max out the reward. The cluster forms with symbols that are connected horizontally and/or vertically.

As you’re forming winning clusters, you will find that the slot doesn’t stop there. It continues with the Tumbling Reels mechanic, meaning that the winning symbols are removed, and the new ones that drop down could lead to more clusters.

You collect drumsticks from the birds fried on the wire while you’re forming clusters, and once you get four of them, you activate the Power Zone. This Power Zone is placed in the middle of the game area, occupying 4×4 positions. The game selects a single random symbol, which receives a Power Zone background wherever it may be on the reels. If it’s already part of a Power Zone, then that zone will be filled with that one type of symbol.

Eventually, you will want to make your way to the free spins feature. Triggered when you have a minimum of 4 Bonus scatters on the reels, it will give you between 8 and 12 free spins. The slot adds a new type of symbol, which applies a random multiplier of 2x to 100x, used on all the wins of the round.

Theme & Design

It’s a cute design, but what actually happens on the reels might not be to everyone’s liking. We’re looking at 8 electrical wires, each one with its own set of 8 birds. Forming clusters of symbols fries the birds involved, using electricity from the wires. Bird drumsticks are collected in special meters. Leaving aside all the killing involved, the birds are rather cute, which just adds to the problem. Overall, a great design, and a look that is highly enjoyable.

For the list of symbols, they used a lot of different birds, in various colors. There are cute baby birds colored in blue, purple, pink, orange, white, or green.


Thunder Birds is an excellent new title in the Power Zones series, and while it doesn’t have any connection to the other slots we’ve seen using these mechanics so far, I think it will be a fun one for players that can live with its high volatility.

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