Top 3 Gambling Horoscope For 2021

A gambling horoscope for 2021 will help you focus on auspicious days, playing slot machines, live casino, lottery, live poker or any other games in online casino Malaysia. When the universe promotes good luck and good fortune, everyone will be able to improve their well-being in the spring of 2021. Of course, the horoscope is a guide for action. While we are on the subject of the horoscope gambling luck, we must say that in this review you will not find anything about the Chinese zodiac or the Mayan calendar. We focused on the standard 12 astrological signs, and how their representatives gamble.



There are numerous reasons to consider Aires as the perfect zodiac sign for casino players in 2021. For example, the gambling horoscope starts with Aires and those players love to be number one. Those players are very competitive, and they often refuse to lose. Moreover, Mars is the ruling planet of Aires, and thus the number 9 and its multiples will be the pinnacle of your gambling activities. Overall, it will be a very lucky year for the Aires players according to the gambling horoscope 2021.

  • Luckiest Colours: White, Blue, Green, Purple
  • Recommended Games: Malaysia online slots, 918Kiss, and other progressive jackpot slots
  • Luckiest Numbers: 9 and its multiples
  • Luckiest Casinos: JQK Club22, 918Kiss
  • Lucky Days to Gamble: February 9, 18, 27 and September 9



The Cancer gambling horoscope for 2021 appears to be very promising in terms of a number of lucky days to gamble and revenues. If this is your zodiac sign, then you will probably prefer the cosiness and tranquillity of playing online casino games from your home. So, playing at mobile casino apps would be another great choice if you want to play on the, for example from your car.  This water sign is ruled by Mercury, and it retrogrades in June, so mobile gaming would definitely be your top choice for the long hot days this summer.

  • Luckiest Colours: White, Yellow
  • Recommended Games: Malaysia Live Casino, Baccarat or Blackjack
  • Luckiest Numbers: 2 and its multiples up to 10
  • Luckiest Casinos: Deluxe89, Evolution Gaming
  • Lucky Days to Gamble: Every weekend in June



Gold and glamour are the words that follow every Leo. When we combine gambling and astrology, the lions lead the parade of winners. The only thing that could bankrupt a Leo is the over-confidence that blocks the rational thoughts. The strangest thing is that everyone else enjoys having this sign as a companion. The lions are loyal and always ready to give everything to the people they love.  When it comes to gambling, the Leo jumps at the high stakes. Even when it looks like they are going to fall, they always win and fall on their feet like a real cat.

  • Luckiest Colours: Golden Yellow, White, Red
  • Recommended Games: Malaysia Live Casino Games, Lightning Roulette, French roulette, modern slots with complex story lines
  • Luckiest Numbers: 1, 11, 21
  • Luckiest Casinos: Star 899, Playtech, Naga 12
  • Lucky Days to Gamble: Leo is ruled by the Sun, so pick up the hot sunny summer days



If you are one of the top 3 horoscope, you will be very lucky in 2021. Remember that whether you play slots at the best casino online Malaysia or in a huge land-based casino – you play games of luck and the results depend on how lucky you get.

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